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3 Tips to Obtain Event Sponsors

Sponsorships can really help to offset the costs of events, meetings and more, but the question is, how do you get them?  Find out below.

1.  Try going after the second or third ranking company in an industry, instead of the industry leader.  This works because companies that aren’t on top in their field are always looking for ways to gain greater market share.

2.  Before you contact the sponsor company, make sure you are well versed on the company, their financial goals, targets, brand image and more.  This shows the sponsor company that you have done your homework.  Present a sponsor package that can help them acheive their goals.

3.  Make sure you start at least 6 months in advance so the company has time to adjust it’s budget if needed.


Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



3 Creative Sponsorship Ideas

Here are some unique ways to deliver more value to your sponsors as well as using these to actually secure a sponsor for your event.

1.  Instead of just recognizing sponsors with logo display on a boring PowerPoint, do messaging throughout the day for each sponsor highlighting their business’s philanthropic achievements. It’s engaging and the audience will love it.

2.  Incorporate your sponsor’s logo into the online registration process.

3.  Create a contest for top member-selected sponsors or products to present an “award” at your event.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


How to Secure a Sponsor For Your Event

Sponsorships are big business. Companies spend billions of dollars each year sponsoring meetings and events. If you find the right sponsors, it is a huge opportunity for both of you because it gives them exposure to a targeted audience and gives you additional resources to produce your event. Often times, the CVB directory of contractors and services is an excellent place to begin your search.

Sponsors should understand the event’s goals and objectives and should be approached from the standpoint of creating a long-term strategic partnership. Don’t approach them just because they have something you want. Understand what they need from the relationship and then build a sponsorship package.

Before you begin, you need to understand what you need from your sponsors. Sponsorships are often a way to help defray costs. What do you currently buy that could be donated “in kind”? Make a list and target those first. Here are a couple of items to consider.

– Airline or train tickets

– Entertainment

– Food and beverage

– Giveaway items

– Signage

The best way to find sponsorship dollars is to match the opportunity with the sponsor. Do your homework. What organizations are potential sponsors? First, look at exhibitors and other organizations that do business with you.

Next, look at your audience and determine what companies are looking for the same audience. Create sponsorship opportunities that meet the needs of the sponsoring organization. Are they looking for recognition? Access to participants on site? Marketing opportunities before, during, and after the event?

In other words customize. Here are some ideas to give your sponsors exposure:

– Recognition in front of participants on site

– Logo on items such as hats and T-shirts

– Website banner ads or links to their websites from yours

– Promotional materials

– Prominent sIgnage

– Mailing list

– A booth at the event to promote the company or to sell products or services

Don’t just create one sponsorship brochure with stock benefits. Personally contact potential sponsors and ask them to be a part of your event. Then send a letter outlining your discussion and confirming participation.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment