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4 Cool Event Ideas

Here are some interesting event ideas that can add a unique twist to your next event, conference and more.

1.  Hire 3 trumpeters and a stentor and announce every arriving guest.

2.  Divide a party into rooms – “civilized”, “louder”, and “rockin” – and let people choose the decibel levels for themselves.

3.  Instead of a plain old bar, rent a cruvinet with dozens of interesting wines on tap and let guests serve themselves.

4.  Assign an escort to every photographer and insist that they ask before shooting.

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3 Employee Appreciation Event Ideas

1.  Take Your Dog to Work Day –  More organizations are recognizing the benefit of “man’s best friend” to the mental and emotional health of employees by allowing their workers to bring their dogs to work. Some do it daily; others do it at an annual event like a holiday party.

2.  Company Picnic –  Whether or not you decide to observe the holidays in December, consider celebrating summer by throwing a company picnic. There are a couple of ways to handle this event.  You can set aside one day at a location where everyone can bring their families, enjoy food and activities, and relax away from the office. Or, if the cost and logistics associated with this type of event are too much to handle, you may want to host a barbecue in the company parking lot during regular work hours.

3.  Monthly Birthday – No matter how old we get, it still feels good when people remember our birthdays. And what better way to show employees how much they are appreciated than to share ice cream and cake once a month in honor of all the employees who were born during that month.  Hey, this might even lower employee turnover.

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How to Fill Hotel Rooms?

New Years Eve is certainly a busy time for us with a large number of events going on, however this year we saw a bunch of hotels booking big name celebrities for their New Years Eve parties to draw guests who can stay over and drink.  If you do your homework, the payoff can be huge.  Below is an article that illustrates this point perfectly.  However, keep in mind, booking a big name doesn’t just work for New Years, you can do it for Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays.  It’s like I always say, nothing can draw people like a celebrity.


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3 Fun Ice Breakers You Can Use at Conferences

Below are some creative ideas to help attendees break the ice and also brainstorm ideas.  Some may seem silly but they often help break through barriers and allow effective team building.

1. Every participant has to write down an activity and an object, then passes the activity to the right, and the object to the left. Then have each participants explain how their new combination would still make sense.

2. Start off with a small story introduction, then ask the participants to continue the story, one sentence at a time.

3. Go around the group and ask each person to state his/her name and attach and adjective that not only describes a dominant characteristic, but also starts with the same letter of his name, ex- dynamic Dave.  Write them down and refer to them by this for the rest of the evening.

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3 Tips to Help with a Corporate Retreat

1.  Set a tight and focused agenda.  Select no more than 3 topics for discussion.  If you try to cover too much or too little, you will not be as productive.

2.  Bring all the information you need.  Before the retreat, ask your team to gather information on your business as well as your competitors.

3.  Use subtle music to enhance creative thinking.  Many studies have shown that people think more creatively when Mozart, Bach, and other classical music is played in the background.  This falls along the lines of holding your retreat at an offbeat place in order to help free you and your teams thinking.

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Got Events Booked!!…Now I Need Cash!

As any small business owner will understand, especially event and meeting companies, there is a big difference between having lots of business booked and not having any cash flow to show for it.  So, now the question becomes, how can you get paid faster, on time, early and have better overall cash flow when you need it most.  Here are some ways to keep the cash coming in.

1.  If you have customers who have not paid, offer them a small discount to pay it all off in full.

2.  Offer customers who pay in advance an incentive to make the full payment early.  This coule be a discount or bonus on their future business booked with you.

3.  Build a relationship with the accounts payable department of the company that is paying you.  The better relationship you have, the faster you will get paid.

4.  Make sure you send them all the materials they need asap for them to pay you.  The longer you wait to get them important invoices, contracts, and more the longer you will wait in the end.

5.  If you have a really tough customer who won’t respond to anything, you may have to start tacking on interest to their outstanding invoice.  Nobody likes to go down this path,but they are costing you money and time by not paying you and they need to understand that.

6.  Find out about how long it will take for you to get paid before you have to chase them down, this way you can operate your business without having to worry about when they will finally pay you.


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