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3 Tips to Obtain Event Sponsors

Sponsorships can really help to offset the costs of events, meetings and more, but the question is, how do you get them?  Find out below.

1.  Try going after the second or third ranking company in an industry, instead of the industry leader.  This works because companies that aren’t on top in their field are always looking for ways to gain greater market share.

2.  Before you contact the sponsor company, make sure you are well versed on the company, their financial goals, targets, brand image and more.  This shows the sponsor company that you have done your homework.  Present a sponsor package that can help them acheive their goals.

3.  Make sure you start at least 6 months in advance so the company has time to adjust it’s budget if needed.


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3 Unique Venues for Your Next Event

Here are some unique and novel venues for your next event, party and more.

1.  www.mangostropicalcafe.com

2.  www.gameworks.com

3.  www.thedupontbuilding.com

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Using Facebook in Your Events

Facebook is a great tool to utilize when planning your next event.  Check out some tips on how best to maximize a Facebook page in conjunction with events.

1.  Be genuine.  When  customers feel they are spoken to with authenticity by the brand, they have no problem expressing their affiliation to that brand.  Speak like a person talking to another person having a conversation, not like a corporation.

2.  Cross promote.  If you have a blog, Youtube page or other online asset, link them into the Facebook page to keep the content fresh.  Leverage what you are already doing and drive more people to your Facebook page.

3.  Measure the results.  Facebook offers an analytics package that measures the demographic breakdown of page visitors, traffic numbers, page views, and more.  This is a great tool to help you get better results from future campaigns.

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2 Real World Event Marketing Examples

1.  Microsoft – In an effort to generate word of mouth for its Windows Live Websites and services among moms, Microsoft opened Windows Live Portrait Studio pop-ups in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco neighborhoods known for their strong family demographics.  The pop-ups were open for six weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.  Brand ambassadors signed up guests for a Windows Live ID to provide access to the free suite of Windows Live services.  While guests were waiting, performers entertained the kids with magic tricks and puppet shows.  Child photographers took family photos and sent guests to the Photo Lab where brand ambassadors helped them edit and send the photos to friends from the Studio.

2.  Target – To build a lasting relationship with the shoppers of tomorrow, the Target Back to College After Hours Shopping Event made meaningful connections with first year college students.  The idea was to be there during the transition from home to college.  Target stayed open late and provided free bus transportation to and from campuses to Target stores.  On campus, bran ambassadors greeted students with pop-up campus maps that highlighted the best places to study, where to watch the big games, as well as directions to Target stores.  To spread the word, the retailer posted the event on Facebook.  In the end, a total of 24,000 students attended the event from 14 universities nationwide and sales increased 11 percent year over year.

These examples provide some nice ideas of what can be done to liven up your event marketing mix.

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4 Cool Event Ideas

Here are some interesting event ideas that can add a unique twist to your next event, conference and more.

1.  Hire 3 trumpeters and a stentor and announce every arriving guest.

2.  Divide a party into rooms – “civilized”, “louder”, and “rockin” – and let people choose the decibel levels for themselves.

3.  Instead of a plain old bar, rent a cruvinet with dozens of interesting wines on tap and let guests serve themselves.

4.  Assign an escort to every photographer and insist that they ask before shooting.

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Event Industry Tips

Here is a great video with lots of useful marketing ideas to attract more clients in the events and meetings industry.  Make sure you grab a pen and paper.

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Celebrity Talent?….Not Quite

If you are planning an event and would like a celebrity to perform but you simply cannot stretch your budget to afford it, you can always go with a tribute act.  These are acts that look just like the real celebrity acts.  They have the look, costumes, voice, and of course will perform all the hits just like the real thing, but without the higher price tag.  There are literally hundreds of celebrity tribute acts available.  Below are some popular ones clients have been booking lately.

– Lady Gaga

– Bruce Springsteen

– Billy Joel

– Rolling Stone

– Aerosmith

– Styx

– Dave Matthews Band

Check out for yourself how good this Elton John tribute act is.  For more info on tribute acts for your event, go to my website and shoot me an email.

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