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2 Real World Event Marketing Examples

1.  Microsoft – In an effort to generate word of mouth for its Windows Live Websites and services among moms, Microsoft opened Windows Live Portrait Studio pop-ups in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco neighborhoods known for their strong family demographics.  The pop-ups were open for six weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.  Brand ambassadors signed up guests for a Windows Live ID to provide access to the free suite of Windows Live services.  While guests were waiting, performers entertained the kids with magic tricks and puppet shows.  Child photographers took family photos and sent guests to the Photo Lab where brand ambassadors helped them edit and send the photos to friends from the Studio.

2.  Target – To build a lasting relationship with the shoppers of tomorrow, the Target Back to College After Hours Shopping Event made meaningful connections with first year college students.  The idea was to be there during the transition from home to college.  Target stayed open late and provided free bus transportation to and from campuses to Target stores.  On campus, bran ambassadors greeted students with pop-up campus maps that highlighted the best places to study, where to watch the big games, as well as directions to Target stores.  To spread the word, the retailer posted the event on Facebook.  In the end, a total of 24,000 students attended the event from 14 universities nationwide and sales increased 11 percent year over year.

These examples provide some nice ideas of what can be done to liven up your event marketing mix.

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10 Celebrity Acts Under $25,000

These days more and more clients are asking for affordable celebrity talent ideas.  For that reason, here are a number of acts that can be booked for under $25,000.

1.  Starship

2. The Crickets

3. Chubby Checker

4. Richard Marx

5. KC and JoJo

6. Gloria Gaynor

7. The Spinners

8. Otis Day and The Knights

9. Orleans

10. Lovin’ Spoonful

If you would like even more affordable entertainment ideas, celebrity or otherwise, go to my website and contact me.

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3 Event Marketing Tips

Here are some cool tips to help market your next event.

1.  Send out text messages to people who are on your list of interested prospects.  As long as you have their phone number, you can do this.  This is different because everyone carries their phone with them, so you are almost guaranteed that they will read you message.  However be aware that some people may find this intrusive.  It’s effectiveness depends on the event.  I think it would work well for social events, high end parties and more.  You should send out the text a day or two before the event as a short reminder so you don’t abuse it.

2.  Have businesses that cater to the same target audience that your event does send out an email blast to their list of customers in exchange for a piece of the revenue or some other perk.

3.  Tell guests to come dressed in the weirdest outfit they can find and then give out awards for the best or worst dressed.  This can get buzz going about the different outfits people will put together.  Make sure you tell people that they must use clothes that they already own, no going out and putting together an outfit.  This makes it extra fun because everyone gets to see some of the crazy clothes people have in their closets.

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3 Marketing Tips for Event Planners

Here are 3 marketing tips that event planners can use to gain more clients and the best part is that they cost no money or very little.

1.  Find a company in your industry that is serving the types of customers that you wish to attract.  Offer to exchange website links with them.  You will put their website on your site and they will do the same for you.  It may take some persistance and a couple of phone calls to find the right company, but it is free and can drive lots of traffic and leads.  For example, an event planner targeting high-end social events may want to exchange links with a high-end custom cake company.

2.  Find an example of the type of planning that you do in the press where it has worked for a company and send that article to a potential client.  Use it as a case study and selling tool.  For example, if you find an article that says when events use social media to promote they get higher returns, you can use that article to sell social media as an additional event service to your clients.

3.  Ask some of your best clients to provide you with a testimonial on their letterhead so that you may use it in your other marketing efforts.  You can send it to potential clients, put it on your website and more  What other people say about you is more important that what you say about yourself.

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Events for Businesses?

For many businesses, holding an event can be one of the only ways to attract a large number of customers to a single place where you can interact with them.  Below is a list of event examples with the idea along with the details of each.  These also serve as a nice resource for event planners and event marketers to use to attract new clients.  You will probably want to make the events more elaborate, but they provide some ideas nonetheless.

1.  Program Uses Block Parties to Promote Safety in City – City officials encourage neighborhoods to sponsor block parties by loaning them a block party kit which includes road barricades, a BBQ, volleyball nets, folding tables, and a helium tank with balloons.

2.  Noon Music – Harpist gives a lunchtime concert at a downtown mall.

3.  Mall to Display Works of Art by Students – A shopping center may not be most people’s idea of an art gallery, but for art students it will do just fine.  Through the end of the month, ten banners created by the art students will be exhibited in center court.

4.  Baby Furniture Store to Sponsor Video-Your-Child Day – In case of emergency, parents are encouraged to have fingerprints, a videotape, an audio recording, and a still photograph of their children.  The police will be there to do the fingerprinting honors.  Channel 4 news anchors will act as a spokesperson for the event.

5.  Children’s Shore Store to Sponsor Animal Adoption Days – A local merchant and animal lover is helping the ASPCA with its adoption program.  Try on a Pet takes places Sunday from 11 to 3 p.m.  When a pet is adopted, children also receive a discount coupon on a pair of shoes for any member of their family, but not for the pet.

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More Event Resources

Here are a couple more event and meeting industry websites that can help you in a variety of ways.  Check them out.

1. www.event1001.com

2. www.meetingpages.com

3. www.themeetingmagazines.com

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Events Galore!!

If you are an event or meeting planner, or you offer services for events,  you may be looking for a new market to tap into.  Here is a list of various types of events that you can market your services to.  Some are niche markets while others are more broad, but all provide an opportunity.

– Anniversary Parties

– Banquets

– Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

– Birthday Parties

– Block Parties

– Bowling Alleys

– Carnivals

– Clubs and Organizations

– Cocktail Parties

– College Dances

– Conventions

– Corporate Events

– Cruises

– Fairs

– Fashion Shows

– Fundraisers

– Graduations

– Grand Openings

– Holiday Parties

– House Parties

– Junior and Senior High School Dances

– Karaoke

– Member Parties

– Nightclubs and Bars

– Picnics

– Pool Parties

– Political Events

– Proms

– Rallies

– Restaurants

– Retirement Parties

– Reunions

– Singles Dances

– Skating Rinks

– Socials

– Theme Nights

– Weddings

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