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2 Real World Event Marketing Examples

1.  Microsoft – In an effort to generate word of mouth for its Windows Live Websites and services among moms, Microsoft opened Windows Live Portrait Studio pop-ups in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco neighborhoods known for their strong family demographics.  The pop-ups were open for six weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.  Brand ambassadors signed up guests for a Windows Live ID to provide access to the free suite of Windows Live services.  While guests were waiting, performers entertained the kids with magic tricks and puppet shows.  Child photographers took family photos and sent guests to the Photo Lab where brand ambassadors helped them edit and send the photos to friends from the Studio.

2.  Target – To build a lasting relationship with the shoppers of tomorrow, the Target Back to College After Hours Shopping Event made meaningful connections with first year college students.  The idea was to be there during the transition from home to college.  Target stayed open late and provided free bus transportation to and from campuses to Target stores.  On campus, bran ambassadors greeted students with pop-up campus maps that highlighted the best places to study, where to watch the big games, as well as directions to Target stores.  To spread the word, the retailer posted the event on Facebook.  In the end, a total of 24,000 students attended the event from 14 universities nationwide and sales increased 11 percent year over year.

These examples provide some nice ideas of what can be done to liven up your event marketing mix.

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Event Marketing Case Studies

Here are a bunch of real world event marketing case studies.  This is especially useful to see what other companies, big and small are doing in their event marketing departments as it can help spur some ideas of your own.

– SanDisk uses interactive videos games at trade shows and events to draw crowds.  Examples are Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

– Bam! Brands market their events using celebrity chef appearances.

– Guiness petitions Obama and Congress to make St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday in the U.S.  They don’t succeed, but it makes great PR.

– InterContinental Hotels set up a 42 foot by 28 foot bed topped with 30 double mattresses for the biggest bed jumping event in the world.

– Yahoo! gives its iconic yodel back to the people and invites consumers to submit their yodel online or at live events in three countries.

– LEGO launches its first ever LEGO KidsFest, a three day family event designed to bring the LEGO world to life through interactive, creative and educational activities.

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More Event/Promotion Marketing Examples

Here are some real life examples of companies and organizations that have used trade shows/event marketing/promotions to get great results.  Some are old examples, while others are fairly new, regardless they are great case studies and examples of what can be done with creativity and adopting an open mind when using ideas from other industries.

1.  Bank of America hired a student to walk around the aisles in a cardboard ATM at a local chamber of commerce show.  It attracted lots of attention to their booth.  And it added to the festive nature of the event.  Anytime your willing to make a fool of yourself, the media will almost always bite.  In this case, the bank got to hire someone to do it, and still mad the local paper in color.

2.  The White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia attracts business with speakers.  They get big names too, like Anita Roddick, CEO of The Body Shop.  White Dog’s owner got even more publicity by winning an award by building a sense of community through the talks.

3.  Canada got the list of a meeting planners magazine and mailed a box to subscribers.  It said, “What does it take to lure your top executives away?”  Then it played with the “lure” theme by promoting fishing and beauty.  It added a bribe for the planner by offering a free boxed fly set for responding to a questionnaire showing interest, and entry into a drawing for a free vacation.  It was attention getting and it worked.

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Creative Event Marketing Inspiration

Here are a number of super creative marketing ideas that can be used to get you thinking creatively when promoting your next event.  Remember in today’s day and age it is more important than ever to be different in your marketing approach in order to gain attention.  Feel free to take these ideas and modify them for your next event.








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