Celebrity Talent?….Not Quite

If you are planning an event and would like a celebrity to perform but you simply cannot stretch your budget to afford it, you can always go with a tribute act.  These are acts that look just like the real celebrity acts.  They have the look, costumes, voice, and of course will perform all the hits just like the real thing, but without the higher price tag.  There are literally hundreds of celebrity tribute acts available.  Below are some popular ones clients have been booking lately.

– Lady Gaga

– Bruce Springsteen

– Billy Joel

– Rolling Stone

– Aerosmith

– Styx

– Dave Matthews Band

Check out for yourself how good this Elton John tribute act is.  For more info on tribute acts for your event, go to my website and shoot me an email.

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2 More Event Industry Resources

Here are a couple more event industry websites that may be helpful to you.

1.  www.incentiveworld.com

2.  www.cimmagazine.com

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


3 Ways to Reduce Your Event Costs

1.  Get volunteers to man registration booths and other easy tasks so you don’t have to pay someone.  You can find willing students at a local hospitality school who would love the experience.

2.  Coordinate equipment rentals yourself, rather than falling victim to the common up-charging that hotels will require.

3.  Share laptops and internet lines especially if your event requires an internet space.

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Session Opener Entertainment Ideas

I have had a number of clients recently come to us asking for some session opener entertainment ideas for their annual conference, convention and more.  They are looking for something fast paced, high energy, and visual to get people’s attention and wake them up.  Below are some great ideas for session opening entertainment.

– Break Dancers

– Fire Eater

– Solo Acrobat

– Marching Band

– Kid Singer with a powerful voice

– Illusionist/Stage Magician

– Choir

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Book The Little Couple for Your Event

If you watch TLC, then you have probably seen the popular show called The Little Couple.  The show follows  the lives of Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold both of whom have dwarfism.  Bill is a businessman and Jen is a neonatologist.  The show has been very popular and I have been getting emails asking about booking them for appearances, events, and more.  I can book them for select dates, so if you are interested, go to my website and shoot me an email.  In the meantime, in case you have not seen the show, here is a clip.

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Hey, I’m Certified!

There are many certifications in the meetings and events industry.  They can be very beneficial by offering advanced education and skills training and allowing you to do your job better.  They can also be helpful in establishing credibility when looking to capture business from a weary client.  A certification can make you stand out from other professionals who might be charging less money.  Below is a list of industry certifications along with the association that gives it.

–  Certified Association Executive – www.asaenet.org

–  Certified Meeting Professional – www.conventionindustry.org

–  Certified Hospitality Marketing Executive – www.hsmai.org

– Certified Special Events Professional – www.ises.com

– Certification in Meeting Management – www.mpiweb.org

– Certified Speaking Professional – www.nsaspeaker.org

– Certified Incentive and Travel Executive – www.site-intl.org

If I missed any let me know by leaving a comment.

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Unique Event Marketing Examples

Here are some unique real world event marketing examples.  Perhaps you can adapt ideas from them to help develop your own ideas.

1.  Wise potato chips set the world record for most chips crunched at the same time at a Mets game this summer.

2.  Southwest Airlines is the latest airline to set up a pop-up in Manhattan theirs being a café-like setting in Bryant Park.

3. Saks Fifth Avenue used a road show geared toward women who are just starting to use makeup.  This is a great way to capture customers in their early stages and keep them loyal.

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