6 Tips on How to Get the Most from Trade Shows

1.  Target 5 important people in your industry that you want to get to know.  Seek them out and develop a deep relationship with them.  These could be big potential customers, CEO’s, etc…

2.  Be a team and split the responsibilities.  If more than one person is attending from your company, split up and assign responsibilities.

3.  Attend seminars and lectures where you can network with your customers and prospects.  Sitting next to the right person in a seminar can be very beneficial.  If you meet a prospect or customer, ask what seminars they plan to attend and make sure to go as well.

4.  Stay at the main hotel of the trade show.  Be in the middle of what’s happening.  It may cost more money, but it is definitely worth it.  You save time on travel and can network longer and more effectively.

5.  Do not talk with fellow employees and friends.  It is a waste of time and money.  You are there to network, never forget that.

6.  Get to know the people you are talking to by asking creative questions such as, “How did you get started in this business?”  This works because people love to talk about themselves and helps you to be remembered.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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