How to Land a Job in the Event Industry

A while back I wrote a blog post listing tons of resources for event industry professionals looking to find a job in this economy.  You may want to search for that as it has some great links.   Anyway, I know that many planners are looking for a new position in the event and meeting industry, although it may be tough out there, it is not impossible to find a new job.  Here are my tips.  Full disclosure, I have never been in this position but this is what I would do if I were in this position today.

1.  Keep a rolodex of everyone you know.  This can be in the form of an outlook program on your computer, a notebook or any other source.  The bottom line is the more people you have in your rolodex, the better chances you have of landing a job when you need it most.  Don’t forget to keep in touch with everyone in your list at least once a month just to check in and let them know how you’re doing.  Everyone you meet that has potential to help you in the future should go in your rolodex.  Be sure to be on the lookout to help them as well, what goes around comes around.

2.  Read industry trade magazines and look specifically for information regarding someone retiring, leaving a company or a new position opening up.  This will usually be in the news section of the magazine and will not be advertised as a job, which makes your chance of getting it much better.  So, read your trade magazines very carefully and look for openings everywhere.

3.  Look for news of companies that are growing, because if they are growing chances are that they are hiring as well, even if they don’t explicitly advertise looking for people.  Give these companies a call and inquire about how your skills can help them in their growth.

4.  Finally, if you are going to send out a resume, be creative, after all you are trying to be a meeting or event planner and creativity is a part of that.  Heck, even if your position does not require lots of creativity it helps to get noticed in the hundreds of resumes they are likely to receive.  For example, if you are trying to land a job  as a corporate event planner, you may want to send your resume in along with a case study of an event you worked on to show a real world example of what you can do.  You can also add some humor to your resume by poking fun at your credentials a little while still being serious.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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