3 Employee Appreciation Event Ideas

1.  Take Your Dog to Work Day –  More organizations are recognizing the benefit of “man’s best friend” to the mental and emotional health of employees by allowing their workers to bring their dogs to work. Some do it daily; others do it at an annual event like a holiday party.

2.  Company Picnic –  Whether or not you decide to observe the holidays in December, consider celebrating summer by throwing a company picnic. There are a couple of ways to handle this event.  You can set aside one day at a location where everyone can bring their families, enjoy food and activities, and relax away from the office. Or, if the cost and logistics associated with this type of event are too much to handle, you may want to host a barbecue in the company parking lot during regular work hours.

3.  Monthly Birthday – No matter how old we get, it still feels good when people remember our birthdays. And what better way to show employees how much they are appreciated than to share ice cream and cake once a month in honor of all the employees who were born during that month.  Hey, this might even lower employee turnover.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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