3 Event Marketing Tips

Here are some cool tips to help market your next event.

1.  Send out text messages to people who are on your list of interested prospects.  As long as you have their phone number, you can do this.  This is different because everyone carries their phone with them, so you are almost guaranteed that they will read you message.  However be aware that some people may find this intrusive.  It’s effectiveness depends on the event.  I think it would work well for social events, high end parties and more.  You should send out the text a day or two before the event as a short reminder so you don’t abuse it.

2.  Have businesses that cater to the same target audience that your event does send out an email blast to their list of customers in exchange for a piece of the revenue or some other perk.

3.  Tell guests to come dressed in the weirdest outfit they can find and then give out awards for the best or worst dressed.  This can get buzz going about the different outfits people will put together.  Make sure you tell people that they must use clothes that they already own, no going out and putting together an outfit.  This makes it extra fun because everyone gets to see some of the crazy clothes people have in their closets.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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