3 Marketing Tips for Event Planners

Here are 3 marketing tips that event planners can use to gain more clients and the best part is that they cost no money or very little.

1.  Find a company in your industry that is serving the types of customers that you wish to attract.  Offer to exchange website links with them.  You will put their website on your site and they will do the same for you.  It may take some persistance and a couple of phone calls to find the right company, but it is free and can drive lots of traffic and leads.  For example, an event planner targeting high-end social events may want to exchange links with a high-end custom cake company.

2.  Find an example of the type of planning that you do in the press where it has worked for a company and send that article to a potential client.  Use it as a case study and selling tool.  For example, if you find an article that says when events use social media to promote they get higher returns, you can use that article to sell social media as an additional event service to your clients.

3.  Ask some of your best clients to provide you with a testimonial on their letterhead so that you may use it in your other marketing efforts.  You can send it to potential clients, put it on your website and more  What other people say about you is more important that what you say about yourself.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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