Events for Businesses?

For many businesses, holding an event can be one of the only ways to attract a large number of customers to a single place where you can interact with them.  Below is a list of event examples with the idea along with the details of each.  These also serve as a nice resource for event planners and event marketers to use to attract new clients.  You will probably want to make the events more elaborate, but they provide some ideas nonetheless.

1.  Program Uses Block Parties to Promote Safety in City – City officials encourage neighborhoods to sponsor block parties by loaning them a block party kit which includes road barricades, a BBQ, volleyball nets, folding tables, and a helium tank with balloons.

2.  Noon Music – Harpist gives a lunchtime concert at a downtown mall.

3.  Mall to Display Works of Art by Students – A shopping center may not be most people’s idea of an art gallery, but for art students it will do just fine.  Through the end of the month, ten banners created by the art students will be exhibited in center court.

4.  Baby Furniture Store to Sponsor Video-Your-Child Day – In case of emergency, parents are encouraged to have fingerprints, a videotape, an audio recording, and a still photograph of their children.  The police will be there to do the fingerprinting honors.  Channel 4 news anchors will act as a spokesperson for the event.

5.  Children’s Shore Store to Sponsor Animal Adoption Days – A local merchant and animal lover is helping the ASPCA with its adoption program.  Try on a Pet takes places Sunday from 11 to 3 p.m.  When a pet is adopted, children also receive a discount coupon on a pair of shoes for any member of their family, but not for the pet.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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