Interview with Carrie Ferenac

Today we interview Carrie Ferenac of Convention News Television.  She has some great insights into video marketing and how to use it. Enjoy it and check out her website below.  She is a great friend of mine and her company is worth taking a look at, trust me.

1.  Why is video and video marketing so important in today’s event marketplace?

Videos can be used to promote events, deliver important information, and provide a green solution to sponsorship challenges.   These are all issues facing those of us in the meetings industry today.  First, promoting events.   We all know that attendance is the lifeline of an event, and it’s important to recruit attendees months in advance.  Imagine reading about an upcoming convention, and seeing quotes from past attendees.  Now imagine seeing video of that event with music and graphics, hearing your peers talk about the value of the event, and watching a personal invitation from the president of the association.   Moving pictures, live interviews, and natural sound are more engaging than written text and still pictures.  Second, delivering information.    No matter how hard you try, there will always be people who simply can’t attend the annual meeting, but they still need to know the information being delivered.   By producing video news headlines, and distributing them online, organizations can now offer a new member benefit.   The video headlines deliver information and establish the organization as a leader in the industry.  Finally, offering new sponsorship opportunities.    Imagine offering your exhibitors something to sponsor that is new, green, and reaches their target audience immediately.   Video headlines can do just that.   An exhibitors message can be added to daily videos to be posted online, emailed to the database, and distributed via social media networks.   Suddenly, their message is reaching more people than just those who pick up a show daily, or see the printed show program.  Videos create a new brand, and a new buzz for organizations.  As an example:  we worked with a trade publication in the aviation industry to create a new brand for their organization.  Aviation International News now also provides AINtv. (   We have mic flags, commercials, and graphics all emphasizing the brand, and companies advertise within the daily headlines.   It’s a way for exhibitors to reach customers beyond those who attend, and it’s greener than print advertising.
2.  What makes your company different from other video marketing companies?

At CNTV, the company’s DNA is news.    I was a newscast producer, and then the Executive Producer at WESH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Orlando for twelve years.  My business partner was a videographer and editor for both Univision and FOX.  We hire former news anchors, reporters, producers and videographers.  We know how to cover news and tell stories efficiently and quickly.    That background translates into more complete content for our clients.  We don’t just show people having a good time at a convention.  Instead, we deliver important information, address industry trends, and provide one-on-one interviews with industry leaders.   The client becomes our News Director, so we are an extension of their marketing department.

3.  How can events, associations and more use video in their efforts to attract more attendees and sponsors?

Organizations can use attendance-building promotional videos to encourage members to attend events.  High-energy videos with pictures, music, graphics and direct messages from industry leaders and peers can be much more convincing than still pictures on a website.    We deliver specific reasons for people to attend the event, and embed a link to the registration page directly into the video, which simplifies the process.  By providing video coverage at an event, organizers also give their exhibitors something new to sponsor.   The opportunities include commercials embedded into the video, advertorials, links to sponsor website, featured in-depth interviews and banner ads around the video player.   If the videos are emailed to the organizer’s database, the sponsor extends his/her reach far beyond the people attending the show.   Now, their message can be heard by a world-wide audience when it lands in their in-box.  The video sponsorships are also greener than print ads.   At this year’s PCMA Convening Leaders, they dramatically reduced the size of their show schedule and program to cut down on paper waste.  That created a need to find new ways for sponsors to deliver their message.   How did they do it?  Video on plasma screens.  By creating PCMA-TV, the organization now offers sponsors a new, and greener way to advertise.
Check out their website at
Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services

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