Guerilla Music Marketing

There are many ways to incorporate entertainment marketing into your events, whether it be through a headlining concert, sponsoring an up and coming artist that is geared toward your target market, or having an artist actually mention your product or service in one of their songs, which is exactly what rap duo Ru-D.M.C did a number of years ago.  Take a look at an older example of event marketing and entertainment coming together to form a great partnership.

In the 80’s, rap pioneers Run-D.M.C wrote a song about their favorite brand of sneakers, aptly titled “My Adidas.”  At one concert attended by an Adidas executive, Run D.M.C actually held their unlaced Adidas up in the air, enticing the crowd to wave theirs, too.  Of course, the executive loved it and Run D.M.C did end up with an endorsement deal, but that wasn’t their intent.

They didn’t write the song because they were paid.  They just genuinely liked Adidas shoes.  Today, rappers are paid to mention brands in songs.  Jay-Z was paid to mention Motorola.  But other rappers insist their endorsements are organic, that is, they’re just injecting a little dose of reality into their songs.  It does seem to work as sales for the mentioned product almost always soar after the release of the song.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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