My Predictions for 2010

2009 is just about over and it is time for me to make my 2010 predictions about the meetings and events industry.  Here it goes, and let me know your thoughts.

1.  Companies will realize that while virtual meetings serve a wonderful purpose, save money, and are greener, nothing can replace face to face meetings and events.  They will add more money to their budgets to send employees to industry conferences and trade shows.

2.  Associations and trade shows will look to put more of a fun atmosphere into their shows, whether it be through games, contests, entertainment, and more, they will find that despite the economy it is beneficial to show their attendees a great time in order to secure longer term attendance from them.   This does not mean the era of huge budgets is back, only that drastic cuts will slow down drastically.

3.  Event planning companies will look to jump back into the corporate market because they will find that the social arena is too heavily saturated and they cannot effectively compete.

Finally, instead of a prediction, let me make a suggestion.  In 2010, make it your top duty to do as much homework on your business as possible as it will payoff in the long run.  By homework, I mean things like market research, finding new markets, getting to know your clients better, developing your social media skills and whatever else there is that you think can help you grow.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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