Event Marketing Thoughts

Take a look at what some of the biggest event marketers at some pretty big companies have to say regarding event experiences, trade shows, sponsorships and more.

-“When you have somebody to your home for a party or for dinner, you clean your house, you put away the clutter, you bring out your best stuff.  You should do the same thing on the trade-show floor.”

Victor Torregroza – Events – Intel

– “We’re looking at everything more closely than ever, not only for return on investment, but return on objective.”

Lisa Holladay – Brand Manager – Mercedes-Benz

– “We have to keep selling the value of what we do in event and sponsorship marketing.  It’s just about showing the revenue that we bring in and we have to be able to articulate, had it not been for this sponsorship or this event where we brought in these leads or we brought in these new customers, we would have missed out on the revenue.”

Bobby Wilkinson – Marketing Manager – State Farm Insurance

– “Virtual is playing a huge role.  Most of our top tier, face to face events will have an online extension.”

Mary Fehrnstrom – Event Strategy – Cisco Systems

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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