When to Hold a Meeting?

Deciding to hold a meeting should be a serious consideration since there are so many costs involved, direct and indirect of people’s time and productivity.  So, the first thing is for the person wanting to hold the meeting to determine how necessary it is to meet.

Here are thirteen reasons people need to meet:

– To communicate or request vital information.

– When you need a group consesus.

– To respond to questions or concerns.

– When you need a decision or an evaluation on an issue.

– When you need acceptance or support of an idea.

– To sell an idea, product or service.

– To brainstorm ideas.

– To solve a problem, conflict or difference of opinion.

– To generate a sense of team spirit.

– To provide training of a project.

– To alter perceptions or attitudes.

– To provide reassurance on an issue or situation.

– To create an awareness or interest in an idea, situation or project.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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