Entertainment at TradeShows

Everyone wants to get attention at trade shows.  Some do it by handing out promotional products, others have demonstrations, and more.  Whatever you choose make sure it stands out and is creative.  One way is by hiring an entertainer to meet, greet and interact with attendees to in order to get them in a happy mood and allow the sales people to talk to them.  When people are having a good time, they are more open to developing a long term relationship and having a celebrity impersonator, magician, juggler and more is a great way to stand out from the crowd and capture attendees as they walk by.

A professional entertainer is an expense.  Ensure you get your money’s worth by doing the following:

– Identify how the presentation helps achieve your goals — let the entertainer know clearly what you expect for them to do.

– Create promotional activities centering around the entertainment.  From pre-show direct mailings to on the floor interactions with attendees, make frequent mention of the event and have an incentive that will encourage attendees to visit your booth.

– If your staff is not on stage, find ways to involve them in the presentation.  Use them to gather the crowd or to capture and monitor pertinent information during the presentation.  Let them know it’s okay to be enthusiastic about the performance — excitement is contagious, and you want an excited crowd.

What to Avoid:

Good entertainment is expensive, bad entertainment can cost more than you will ever imagine. Protect your company’s image and reputation by avoiding the following:

– Crass, rude, or offensive acts.  There are comedians who do very well with off color or hurtful humor, but the risk of alienating large segments of your consumer base by sponsoring one of these acts is too great.

– Acts that are clearly amateur.  Tradeshow audiences are harsh.  They won’t be tolerant of second rate acts.  Hire the best you can afford for better results.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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