I Need a Celebrity Act that Isn’t Six Figures!

I often hear clients tell me this  exact phrase.  There seems to be a common misconception that most celebrity acts are ridiculously expensive and most are well into the six figures.  That may be true for a small portion of the celebrity talent including the hot acts touring right now, legends and others.  Think Rihanna, Madonna, Matchbox Twenty, etc…  All these acts have sold millions of records so they are going to be higher priced.  The price also depends on what type of event it is.  Some acts get more money for corporate and private events than they do at fairs and festivals.  All that being said, here are some acts that are under six figures.  Many are well under that number, some just a little.  Keep in mind that an act many only cost $20,000 but may have a $10,000 rider, meaning their production, travel, etc…  These acts range from legendary bands to younger singers.

– The Spinners

– The O Jays

– Lloyd

– Kool and the Gang

– Ashanti

– Blues Traveler

– The Pointer Sisters

– Chris Cross

– The Gin Blossoms

– America

– Salt N Pepa

– En Vogue

– Tyrese

– Blackstreet

– Lil Jon

– Dionne Warwick

– Winger

– Eve 6

and many many more.

For more information on pricing for any of these acts or if you need some ideas for affordable celebrity talent for your next event, conference and more, go to my website and email me today.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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