3 Team Building Ideas You Can Use

Team building activities can be fun or serious, or somewhere in between.  Here are a couple of team building ideas you may want to use.

1.  Adventure Programs – This is a good opportunity to get your team out of the office and into an unusual environment in which they must rely on each other’s skills and creativity. Activities may include camping, canoeing, a safari or an island scenario. Team members are provided with the equipment needed and must work together to “survive” the wilderness. These activities offer both mental and physical challenges, depending on the capabilities of your group.

2.  Scavenger or Treasure Hunts – Whether using a map, clues or a list of goal objects to be found, team members must think together to solve the puzzle you’ve laid before them. Prompts should be challenging enough that not everyone will be able to solve them; if the activity is too easy, participants may find it silly. This is a fun, relationship-building activity which allows a team to get to know a location and use their combined mental skills to solve problems, manage time, prioritize, and make decisions.

3.  Mental Problem Solving – This type of team building activity calls upon your team members to put their heads together to work out a complex problem and find solutions or answers. Exercises can be focused around real-life business scenarios, such as devising new methods to solve a pressing client dilemma. Or the exercise can be presented just for fun, such as with a “murder mystery” game in which team members must use their thinking caps to deduce the identity of the perpetrator.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



One response to “3 Team Building Ideas You Can Use

  1. I read many of your blog posts. Good Job and very informative.

    Keep it up!


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