Marketing Your Incentive Trip

Perhaps you have planned an incentive trip that you think is guaranteed to blow everyone away.  You have booked exclusive accommodations, celebrity speakers, headline entertainment, dinner in a wonderful new venue and more, but you find that enthusiasm for the program could be much higher.  What is a planner to do???

Here are some questions you should ask that can help solve the question of why there is not as much excitement as there could be.

1.  Was the marketing leading up to the trip as exciting as the program you planned?

2.  Were the tactics you used to motivate potential attendees effective?

3.  Did they feel if they didn’t qualify for this trip, they were missing out?

Everyone is quick to build a creative program, but it is also important to get the strategy and planning done upfront.  It is vitally important that the marketing campaign creates expectations of what attendees will take away from the program.  There must also be a commitment to the program from the leadership, management, etc…

There are a lot of cool programs that are fun but don’t tie in to your company’s core values, business objectives and more.  If the program does not tie in, it will not have the same staying power as one that is interwoven.  You should look for ways to build excitement leading up to an incentive trip.  You can try thing such as having a giant calendar to count down the days until it arrives, send employees home with a small souvenir from the destination you will be visiting and use direct mail as well.  Bottom line is that marketing your incentive trip is equally as important as planning the trip itself.


Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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