Do You Need Event Insurance??

Event planners are often puzzled over whether to purchase event insurance, and if they do, exactly what they need to insure.  Below is an overview to help you find the solutions.

Insurance associated with events covers and protects planners in several specific areas.

– General Liability insurance protects against a company and all parties involved in the event, the planners, venue, caterer for losses due to bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured employees or agents.

– Liquor Liability insurance is sometimes needed, especially if you are in a venue in which the bartenders are not covered or if you directly employ any part-time bartenders.

– Cancellation insurance will protect you in case of unforseen situations such as weather or something else happens that requires you to cancel your event.  This helps you cover many of the costs and deposits already paid.

Our society is very litigious and it is always best to protect yourself to avoid a larger problem later.  To obtain event insurance, call your own insurance agent and explain your needs and they will help you determine the best plan.


Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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