25 Ideas to Add Excitement to Your Next Event

Here are some creative ways to add excitement to your next event or meeting.  Some are really off the wall, others are standard fare and more.  I hope you get some cool ideas.

1.  Book a local entertainer or big name celebrity to perform.

2.  Give everyone lightsticks.  This is great for large crowds a nighttime.

3.  Set up carnival games throughout the event or meeting.

4.  Raffle off prizes at random moments during an event, do not promote them or advertise them before the event, make it a surprise at the actual event.  This helps build buzz for next year.

5.  Have a karaoke machine and have teams compete for wacky prizes.

6.  Stuff helium balloons with special prizes.  Everyone loves balloons, especially if they can pop them
and get a prize. They also make a festive atmosphere in the room.

7.  Have everyone make on the spot You Tube videos and give prizes for the most creative ones.  You will need to have little digital cameras at each table of course.

8.  Have an unadvertised celebrity show up and greet guests at the door or even perform if the can as a special surprise.

9.  Rent a dunk tank and put the top executives in it.  This is definitely something you want to promote.

10.  Bring in a petting zoo if appropriate.

11.  Arrange typical county fair games such as three-legged or potato sack races and a tug of war with management versus employees.

12.  Host a fashion show where the ugliest outfits wins!

13.  Give away cash prizes at the event, everyone loves a stack of cash!

14.  Be the first one to hold an event at your areas newest hotel, nightclub, event space, etc…

15.  You have heard of strolling magicians, but how about strolling comedians.  They go from group to group and entertain with 5 minutes of clean comedy.

16.  Hold a dance or singing contest between management and the employees.  You could even do a mock American Idol.

17.  Hold your event in an unusual place such as a parking lot, retail store, corporate office, school auditorium, grocery store and more.

18.  Design your entire event around a TV show or movie.

19.  Make the event invite only and limit the attendance number.

20.  Hold a Twitter contest to see who can get the most amount of followers in a specific amount of time and award a prize to the winner.

21.  How about a beach day theme with a hot dog eating contest, walking across burning coals, etc…

22.  If you have a young crowd, you may want to incorporate paintball into the event. Have people shoot for prizes.  Be careful about liabilities though.

23.  Hire a masseuse to give massages to guests to help them relax.

24.  Host a game show with the money going to charity.  Have it modeled after Jeopardy or some other gameshow.

25.  Host a winter wonderland themed event with snow balls, igloos, and serve hot chocolate.  You could even ask your attendees to dress warm.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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