The Dreaded Celebrity Rider

We have all heard stories about a celebrities’ rider having crazy demands such as only green m&m’s, specific potato chips and more.  While these tales are often true, they can be exaggerated.  This is not to say that artists do not have large requirements in their riders, they do, but there is a reason for it.  These artists embark on huge tours and spend enormous amounts of time on the road so the rider is designed to make their tour as pleasant as possible and provide all the things they would have if they were at home.  Think about when you travel, you probably have a number of items that you cannot live without, and the same goes for an artists rider.  The longer they spend on the road, the more requirements they have, and all tours require a long time period, so the rider reflects that.

Riders are long and can be a little difficult to understand.  This is also a great reason to work with an entertainment agency that knows the booking agent directly and is experienced in negotiating detailed riders, because  you will need a small army and a lawyer to manage a celebs rider.  Best to leave it to the experts.

P.S. I will see if I can pull up a real celebrity rider to post on this blog so you can take a look at an example.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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