Creative Marketing/Promotional Materials for Events

Here are creative ways to make yours signs and flyers stand out when marketing your event.  In a world where customers are bombarded with messages, creativity is a must.

Creative Signage

– mannequins holding signs

– project shadows on walls

– project video or slides on walls

– highlight a sign with reflective foil

– inflatable signs and balloons

– print on walls with stencils

– spray painted and graffiti looking signs

– signs on the floor

– signs hanging from slow turning ceiling fans

Creative Flyers

– have tear off tabs on the flyer

– use unique photos and graphics

– cut the paper into a different or odd shape

– make borders or graphics that look 3 dimensional

– glue a 3 dimensional object on the flyer

– use reflective paper or reflective lettering

– Make the headline extra large

– use humor and add a joke

– use a neon colored paper

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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