Company Event & Meeting Ideas/Themes

We all know that there are probably tens of thousands of meeting and event themes for an organization to utilize.  Here are some unique ones for your next event or meeting.  These can be used as the actual name and theme for an event or just one of the two. The key is to make the entire event or meeting revolve around the theme, from the decor to the food, entertainment, invitations and more.   Have fun with these and customize them for your own event or simply use them as they are.  I hope they provide some great ideas.

– To Infinity and Beyond

– Spring Fever

– Oktoberfest

– Come Fly with Us

– Carnival Atmosphere

– Let’s Make a Change

– Hearts and Hands

– Mardi Gras

– Viva Las Vegas

– A Colorful Affair

– Lights, Camera, Auction!

– Dance the Night Away

– Western

– Festival

– Blast from the Past

– Any Popular TV Show

– Any Popular Movie

– Any Popular Song

– Building the Dream Together

– Celebrate Tonight!

– Beijing Fling

– Cruise to the Islands

– Paint the Town

– New Years Eve

– Summer Fun

– Moonlight and Stars

– Around the World

– Any Popular Game Show

– Monte Carlo Night

– Casinos

– Gamble the Night Away

– Rodeo

– March Madness

– Back in Time

– Back on Top

– Olympics

– Building Teamwork

– Bank on Us

– Sweet Sixteen

– Prom Night

– Academy Awards

– Grammy Awards

– Wine and Cheese

– Garden Party

– 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s etc..

– Spring Fling

– Disco Fever

– Barbecue

– Salsa Night

– Golf Tournament

– Beat the Clock

– Roasts

– A Night of Comedy

– Swing Night

– Martini Lounge

– Nascar

– Charity Ball

– Bring a Spouse

– A Romantic Affair

– Magic

– On a Safari

– Pirates

– 4th of July

– Moulin Rouge

– Voodoo

– Tropical Rainforest

– Circus

– Fantasy Island

– A Diamond Gala

– Our Key to Success

– Discover Our Strength

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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