Speaking at Industry Events About Events

One of the best ways to generate new business is to be a presenter/speaker at industry association events, meetings, and more.  There is no reason why event planners and meeting planners can not ask their association if they can be a presenter at an upcoming conference.  Make sure that you are speaking about areas in which you are very knowledgeable.  Speaking at industry events does a couple of things.  The first is that it positions you as an expert in your field, generates publicity, can be used in other marketing pitches, and makes people come to you for advice and ultimately business as opposed to you going after them.  The way to secure these bookings is to contact your association and submit a speaker proposal on their website for a session you think would benefit their audience.  Make sure you offer real content and not just a sales pitch for your product or service.  You will get more mileage if you do it this way.  I have done this and I am doing this more and more and I can tell you that it yields nothing but great results.  By the way, sometimes the organization will pay a small fee for your presentation, but most likely will simply cover your expenses to be at the conference, but hey free is better than nothing.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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