Your Own Signature Event!!!……..Who Me?

Many larger companies and even medium sized companies have their very own signature events that they put on annually to bring together a select group of people that they would like to deepen their relationships with.  This can be everything from a large scale concert, private lounge event, music festival, seminar and more.  The idea is that by creating your own signature event, targeted to your market, you can involve them with your company on a much more human level.  For example, lets say you run an electronics retail business.  Perhaps you can hold an annual event that features speaker from the electronics industry, previews of the newest gadgets, live musical performances, and more.  You could even charge admission to this type of event and probably should in order to give it more value in the mind of your prospect.  You can send out invitations only to a select number of people.  This could be your top customers, future customers, the media, influencers in your industry, and others.  Granted, creating a signature event is easier said than done, however when done correctly, you have created a bonding experience with your target audience that few other marketing tactics can come close to matching.  People will eventually look forward to your event each year and begin asking you about it and that is when you know you have a success.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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