7 Ways to Green Your Meetings

1.  Web registration is a great application for the meetings industry.  Compared to the old way of paper registration forms, manual processing of checks and credit cards and the mailings of confirmations, web registration brings a 90 percent or more reduction of cost and paper, while at the same time increasing speed and reliability.

2.  Email-based promotion of events and meetings is another way to save printing and mailing costs and help green your meeting.  Blogs are also a great way to promote your event and save on paper.  Make sure you mention in your email to pass this email along to a friend so you get more mileage out of each blast.

3.  Some trade show floor plans are still managed with a large sheet of paper and whiteout.  Electronic tools such as http://www.expocad.com can completely manage the floor plan online and assist in managing exhibitor details as well.

4.  The ability to sign documents electronically is available and can be used to eliminate the express mailing of multiple copies of paper contracts.

5.  For technical production, try to use as little electricity as possible.  Ask your team to think about this objective when you begin planning your event, this way vendors are on board from the start.

6.  Large trade shows often provide hundred plus page paper exhibitor directories with the contact details of every exhibitor in the show.  Instead, these guides can be delivered via CD.  Check out http://www.cdshowguides.com

7.  Use eco-friendly hotels and venues with energy effecient lighting, recycled wash water, and linen napkins instead of beverage napkins.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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