Help! I Need Event Marketing Assistance, ASAP!

Event managers, marketers, planners and more often find themselves with problems that are out of their control that can negatively impact an event.  Below is a list of common situations/problems and some solutions to them.

1. Problem – Negative media stories circulate about your event and its economic losses.

Solution – Anticipate and promote positive statistics about your event through spokes persons, testimonials, industry experts, and others.  Develop

2. Problem – Energy costs rise and reduce travel for those who would otherwise attend your event.

Solution – Promote in conjunction with transportation companies alternative transit to your event, including bus tours, rail travel, and air packages.  Demonstrate savings to ticket buyers in all of your advertising.  Offer discounts to guests who use public and other alternative forms of transportation.

3. Problem – Major competitor announces that it will hold its major event one week  after your is being held.

Solution – Differentiate your event from the others through testimonials from past attendees, celebrity or unique entertainment, exclusive speaker or celebrity speaker, and get endorsements from leading experts in the industry about how your event is the one that you need to be at.  Offer good discounts for early registration.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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