6 Off the Wall Marketing Ideas for Event Planners

1.  Buy Tiffany bags and place your information inside.  This could be used for invitations, direct mail, promotions, brochures, and more.   Everyone will want to open theirs.

2.  Send an anniversary card to celebrate when you first worked with a client.

3.  Become a board member at one of the big festivals, non profits or other organizations that you would like as a client.  This is a great place for high powered networking.

4.  Send a small sample pack of aspirins with a letter that has the headline, “Learn How to Relieve Your Event Planning Headaches”.

5.  Go to www.linkedin.com and do a search for the specific title of the client you work with such as meeting manager, event managers, executive director and so on.  Is there a title that your clients have in common.  Search for them at the website at the top.

6.  Send a poker chip with a letter that has the headline, “Why Gamble With Your Event?  Leave it to Us, and You Take All The Credit”.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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