Real Life Event Marketing Example #2

I had a nightclub client contact me about a month ago about having an event based on the movie, A Night at the Roxbury.  At first I thought the movie was way too old and lacked the big name stars need to garner media attention, however I was proven wrong, big time.  The client contacted me because they wanted me to book of the major movie stars from the film to make an appearance at the club during their event.  The client went ahead with the Night at the Roxbury themed party at their nightclub and it was a huge success.  Here are the elements of what made it successful in terms of marketing, promotion and more.  There are many lessons here.

1.  They had me book one of the main movie stars from the film to make an appearance and interact with guests. Celebrities always boost attendance, especially when done with a cohesive event marketing strategy.  (No, I cannot name who it is, due to contracts, but there are only really 2 options from the film.)  By the way, since the celebrity was not huge, it did not cost as much as you might think.

2.  The club handed out little business cards to everyone who came into their club a month before the event promoting the Night at the Roxbury party.

3.  They had video screens playing various scenes from the movie throughout the club.

4.  They partnered with a local radio station to promote the party and in exchange for the promotion, the club gave free drink tickets to all the radio hosts.

5.  They put a large ad in their local newspaper advertising their party as a, “One Night Only, Hollywood Event.”

6.  They had drink specials with cool names related to jokes in the movie.

7.  They sent an email blast out to their list of customers with a link to the movie trailer, which is a funny and visual way to get people to remember the film and also have a laugh.  A YouTube video also has a much better chance of getting passed along to friends and helps to increase attendance.

Here is a link to the movie trailer they sent to their customers.  It got a huge response and helped them make a hefty profit when all was said and done.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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