Interview with Greg Oates of Prevue Magazine

1. What makes Prevue Magazine different from other industry magazines?

We offer deep insight into destinations, hotels, group experiences, educational and cultural enviornments.  Instead of just talking a little bit about a destination, we delve into their core experiences and what they can offer a potential planner.  Our magazine has a luxury image and that is reflected in the stories and destinations we cover.  Our magazine reaches 42,000 meeting and incentive planners, hotels, and other suppliers.

2.  Where is the biggest opportunity now and in the future for our industry?

I think companies are going to have to really deliver content and be able to clearly demonstrate their return of investment.  Education is going to be paramount in order to overcome the negative perception of the indsutry in the mind of the general public.  There needs to be education when selling to planners, when planners sell to their bosses and when bosses sell to the media.  This is actually a great way for our indsutry to show how valuable our industry is and it is vital to organizations everywhere.

3.  How can event and meeting planners market their companies better?

They need to get back to basics and adapt to the changing marketplace in order to stay relevant.  It is easy often hard to distinguish one planner from another, whether it is their websites or just their marketing materials.  Once again, education is key.  You should have lots of content on your website, in your brochures, and when you are presenting to a client.  There are so many options today that need to be the most knowledagable person about your topic that your customer concludes that you are the obvious choice.  If you educate your prospects and can show how you can deliver real world ROI, you will have a much easier time.  They should also have a focused message, a strong and clear pitch, and partner with local hotels for business.

I want to thank Greg for the interview.  He definitely knows what he is talking about.  If you are not already a subscriber, what are you waiting for?  Go to and sign up today.  Also, if you are looking to reach 42,000 meeting and incentive planners, then you may want to consider advertising in the magazine.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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