Create A Spectacular Live Entertainment Opening

So, you have booked the entertainment for your event, meeting or conference.  You have generated buzz by marketing the event heavily in various forms and want something to really get the crowd on their feet.  The answer could very well be a spectacular opening for your live entertainment act.  This is a great way to build excitement, get the crowd into in right away and start any show off with a bang, so take full advantage of it.  You may be surprised to learn that you don’t need millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands to put together a superb opening.  There are many factors and questions to consider when putting your opening together.

–  If the act is a celebrity, you want to build as much anticipation as possible for the entrance of the celebrity.  Make their appearance progress slowly and build to a peak.  Perhaps you can have a video projector show clips of past performances and have an important person introduce the act.  If you can get a local celebrity to introduce the act, even better.

–  Use  pyro, fog, colored lights and more to make it a grand entrance.  Use the special effects to set the stage for the entertainer.  This is nice way to build excitement for any act, celebrity or not.  You want to clear all the special effects with the venue where the event will be taking place.

Below is a video clip of a Jackson 5 reunion performance that took place at Madison Square Garden a number of years ago.  Now granted, it is easy to create a spectacular entrance when you are the Jackson 5 and you have an unlimited budget, but many things that they did in their performance and opening are not that expensive at all.  Take note of how they were introduced by a celebrity, (Elizabeth Taylor), the fireworks that went off, how Michael came up from below the stage, and that he was wearing a space helmet with a space costume to match. These were probably to symbolize that the Michael is so huge that he is not even from this planet.   Costumes can play a big role in creating an exciting and unique atmosphere for any performance and entrance and they do not have to cost a lot of money.

Use every tool and technique you can and work with your entertainment company to help you put together a fantastic opening for the entertainer you book for your event.

P.S.  In case your wondering, NO I did not go to this concert, but I know some people who did years ago and they said it was the best show they have ever seen in their entire life.  The show featured other acts like Usher, Whitney Houston and more.  Tickets were about $800 a piece, so you definitely paid for it!

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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