Cut Your Budget Not Your Event

These days it seems like everyone is working with a smaller budget.  If a client’s budget or even your budget is being squeezed, there are still ways to put on a great event without people realizing you are operating on a smaller budget.

1.  Book your event as early as possible.  This includes contacting all needed vendors and asking for a small discount because you booked so far in advance.  This can work for hotels, suppliers, and more.

2.  Offer the venue or supplier your business for the following year if they will offer you a specific price for this years event or meeting.  This works because both parties benefit.  You benefit from the discount and the venue or supplier benefits from the guaranteed business in the future.

3.  Make the cuts on things that people will not notice and will not have a major impact on the event or meeting as a whole.  These can be things like lighting, invitations, decor, and more.  You can still have these elements but look for ways to scale back the costs.  Perhaps you can use them for less time, go with more subtle decor, and don’t forget to use online marketing to save money on event promotion.

You should always take an honest look at your cuts and make sure that they are not going to have a big impact on the event in the long run. For example,  it makes no sense to save money by ordering cheaper food, if it makes attendess not want to tcome to the event in the future.  You do not want to alientate any of your guests.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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