6 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Whether you are making a presentation in front of a prospective client for an event, speaking at an industry trade show, or simply talking on the phone, how you speak can make a big difference in your business.  Use these tips to help tip the scales in your favor.

1. Arrive at the location early and familiarize yourself with the room you will be speaking in.  Walk around the floor and stage and get comfortable in your surroundings and test all of the audio and visual equipment as well as the microphone.

2. Get to know the audience before you speak by greeting people and making quick introductions as they arrive at the main entrance or refreshment area.  You will find it easier to speak if you can look at the audience and see a few familiar faces smiling back.

3. Use breathing and light physicial exercises before your speech or presentation as a way to relax or ease nervous jitters.

4. Know the central message and theme of your speech inside and out.  Don’t try to memorize your speech word for word, as it will come off as manufactured.

5. Avoid rocking back and forth as you stand at the podium and speak.  Try to use normal hand gestures and voice fluctuations in your tone and pacing. Be slightly animated and move naturally so that you do not appear rigid.

6. Make eye contact with various people in the audience.  Get the audience involved in your speech or presentation by asking questions and acknowledging the audience.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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