Do You Go Where Your Customers Go?

I often wonder why event planners and meeting planners attend events with other meeting planners and event planners.  Now, before you tell me I am stupid, hear me out.  I completely understand the need to network with your peers, become more educated, learn new strategies, and more.  That being said, it is unlikely you will land any actual business from these endeavors.  Of course, this is not limited to just the meetings and events industry.  Many other industries do the same thing.  You should definitely attend some networking events, conferences, and socials to meet industry peers, but I think you need to know that you will not meet potential clients this way.

A better way to look at the situation is this?  What events, conferences, socials, parties, and more do my core and most profitable customers come from?  Look at your last big sale and go find more clients in that industry or category.  Call up similar prospects and use the last similar customer as a testimonial that you are very well versed in their world and can help them.  Customize the pitch to their needs.

I often look OUTSIDE our indsutry for ways to get customers, and guess what, I never run out of ideas.  The best companies take a great idea from anywhere and learn to adapt it to their organization.  Are you doing the same?

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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