9 Creative Marketing and Sales Ideas for Your Event Company

1. When one of your competitors goes bankrupt, call up your phone company and ask about obtaining their phone number or having their number routed to yours.  You will get lots of their customers for little cost.

2. Create a unique logoed item for your company that people will keep and talk about.  How about a lava lamp, well designed t-shirt, or electronic device.

3.  One of the most effective forms of advertising is to use a case history to show exactly  how you saved your client  this much money or that much time.  The more you do this, the better your ads will pull.  Use lots of testimonials in your ads as well.

4.  Here is a nice idea to get a prospects attention.  Send them a small toy shoe, with a note from you inside, saying, ” I am just trying to get my foot in the door.”

5. Make a YouTube channel where you give out tips to your clients and prospective clients and answer their most common questions.

6.  Send out an email blast with a link to your YouTube channel featuring your free advice.  This is sort of like speaking to your customer more directly because they can see you.

7. Have the name of your company and logo on your car.

8.  If you are at a trade show for your indsutry and you find yourself out at a restaurant and you notice some influential people in the business, call their waiter over to your table and pay for their dinner bill and give the waiter your business card and tell him to say that it was taken care of and to hand them your card.  Not cheap, but makes a great impression.

9.  Hold a wacky contest or tournament geared towards your target market.  The more creative the better.  How about the greenest meeting planner contest, or cheapest event planner, or most creative association planner.  Use your imagination and be sure to alert the industry trade magazines and local media as well.  Who knows, it could be picked up nationally.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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