What to do About the Children at Your Event

If children are going to be attending your event there are some great ideas that can be designed for them.  Here are some ideas and themes that you can incorporate into your next event when you need something novel for the children.

– Carnival games and prizes.  Photo booths and sticker machines can also be rented.  There are also machines for popcorn, candy floss, candy apples, snow cones, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream and candy.

– Miniature golf lessons from the pros.  Older children can actually have lessons on the greens either out on a mini golf course or with simulated golf holes rented and set up at your venue.

– Arcade games can include virtual reality and big screen interactive videos, driving simulators, ski simulators, wave runners, foosball, and skill cranes filled with stuffed animals of your choice as prizes.

– Pool tables with pool sharks on hand to teach older children trick shots.  Pool tables can be rented and set up at the venue of your choice.

– Giant inflatables, megamountains to climb, bungee runs, and giant slides.

Lastly, don’t forget live entertainment options such as a story teller, clown, magicians, balloon artist, face painter, puppeteer, and more.  You may even wish to combine these ideas with the ideas from above to really create a unique experience for the children.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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