We Have Decided to Have the Event!! Now What?

A company or individual has finally decided to hold an event.  After preparing an event vision and preliminary cost estimates, they have concluded that they have sufficient funds and have allocated a set amount for the event.  They have defined the purpose of the event and decided that it would justify the financial commitment.  They are now ready to begin the initial planning for the event.

During this stage, if they do not have in house event planners they will decide whether they need outside professional help and bring in an even planning company, hire an independent event planner to work with their internal team or have their internal team work with event suppliers directly to handle their event design, manage their budget, logistics, the timing and execution as well as be able to visualize the entire thing from beginning to end.

When planning major events too many people think in terms of just money.  Clients, whether they be corporate, nonprofit, social or others need to know when and where to bring in event planning professional assistance, including an expert in public relations, a creative director or a producer to handle event production from conception to completion.  It is important that event planners do not present themselves to their clients as being a service industry, as that is not the role they play.  Instead, they need to represent themselves, their company and the event planning industry as a valuable business sales and marketing tool that can help corporate clients, nonprofit organizations and individuals design, produce and deliver an event that has been custom created, not cookie cutter.

Event planners and event related consultants should never be viewed as an added expense and a luxury.  They can actually save money in the end, especially if they are brought in at the appropriate time.  For example, a good public relations company can assist with your guest list and ensure that the right people are invited, they can help craft press releases and press kits to help get you national and perhaps international media exposure.  You save time and money in the long run by working with experts on your event.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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