What Type of Event is It??

When determining the type of event, look at your targeted audience.  Busy professionals may not take time out from their schedules to attend a symposium that will cut into their designated family time, but may attend if the event is designed to include their family members, such as a private showing in a theatre or an exclusive booking of an entertainment center.  The symposium could be held in the morning while their families are at play.  They could then meet for a catered luncheon, with the balance of the day for them to enjoy the facility with their family members, or, in the case of a private showing in a theatre or prime seating for an in demand live show, the symposium could again be held earlier and a private pre and post meal function could anchor the entertainment element of the event.

A company that was able to secure a private showing at the theatre or seats at the hot, instant sell-out Hannah Montanta live performance show would have no problem reaching maximum attendance at their symposium built around that family event, just as they would with a limited Cirque du Soleil performance.

A public event looking to create an event that will generate pre show media exposure that will serve to bring clients to their doorstep may look to partner with a company or companies that will help them to achieve that goal.  For example, a bridal show hoping to draw couples, their families and their wedding parties to their event featured a million dollar wedding cake display.  A jewelry company and the wedding cake designer all benefit from the publicity and as a result, everybody wins.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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