Choosing the Date of Your Event or Meeting

When you are putting together the early phases of your event or meeting, it is often a good idea to do a little research when choosing the date of special event.  Some corporations and associations have their meetings and events around the same time each year, but even when that is the case, it helps to check the calendar first.  This is especially important for annual conferences and public events.

Some factors that can have an impact on your event can be major holidays, sporting events, religious observations, school breaks, long weekends, and other special occasions.  There are some areas where holidays can work in your favor.  For instance, silent auction fund-raisers held before the holiday season can be extremely successful when guests use the occasion to purchase gifts and donate to charity at the same time.

Take into account the events going on around yours and pick a date with less competition and your attendance will be much higher.  On the other side of the coin, it is perfectly acceptable to tie your event or meeting to a major pop culture event.  This gives people an added incentive to attend.

Joshua Gair -Impact Entertainment


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