Life as an Entertainer

Being a full time performer probably takes just as much time if not more than a regular 40 hour work week.  You have creative brainstorming, rehearsing, practicing, going over business matters and much more.  All the entertainers that I know are so passionate about what they do that they don’t even think of it as work.  It is all just part of their life.  Most successful people think along these same lines.  Their job consumes their life and it is because of it that they succeed.

All performers practice their craft as that is the only way to get better over time, however there is a difference between practicing and rehearsing.  Practicing can involve simply going over the set list, practicing instruments, movements, certain scripts, but rehearsing is generally much more consuming.  When an entertainer rehearses, they go over the entire performance from start to finish as if they were actually performing a professional gig.  It means putting on the actual outfit you will be wearing at the event, setting the staging, lighting, audio, and more.  Once you go through a complete rehearsal, it is much easier to see where the act can be tightened up and made even better.  Are there dead spots?  Do the songs not sound clear?  Is your introduction not strong enough?  These are all great questions and only a full rehearsal can give you a clear answer.  By the way, practicing and rehearsing never end as an entertainer, they only evolve.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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