Convention Entertainment

There are a number of things to consider when looking to book entertainment for your convention.  First, find out if there is a theme to the convention.  For example, if the theme is diversity, then perhaps having a group of various entertainers performing together would be a nice fit.  Next, you should consider the audience for which the entertainment is intended for.  Do you need someone to make sure things run smoothly between programs?  Then you might want to get an MC or comedian.  Maybe you are looking for something to keep the kids entertained for a bit in a sepearate section of the convention.  You could use a magician, clown, or story teller.  You should also know the budget that you will be working with.  For local performers, you should have between $700 and $5,000 depending on the type of act you book.  If you are looking to book a celebrity in order to boost attendance, then you are most likely looking at $30,000 and up.  A creative option could be to find a local celebrity in the city in which your convention is being held.  This way you can get a better price because it is local.  Just make sure that if you go this route that the local celebrity has a name among your attendees.  Finally, whether you choose to do all these steps yourself or work with a booking agency, you should ask for references, demos and read the entire contract thoroughly in order to avoid any legal obligations.  Follow these steps and you are sure to have wonderful entertainment for your convention.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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