How to Thank Your Customers

It may be harder and harder to find new customers, at least good ones with decent budgets.  For that reason, you should be maximizing the value of your current customers and strengthening your relationship with them.  Here are a couple of clever ways to thank your customers and in turn generate referrals.

– Send them a magazine subscription of their choice so that each month they are reminded of you

– Mail a hand written thank you note to the client

– Send a box of chocolates or flowers

– Find out their birthday and call them up to wish them so

– Find out where else they are struggling in their business and offer to help.  Perhaps you can develop a marketable solution to their problem.

– Send them a gift card to restaurant.  The best part about this is that they will likely go with someone and when the other person asks where they got the card, you get free publicity.

The key is to creatively keep in touch with your customers and over time turn them into friends.  Do not think of these ideas as bribes.  If they are done genuinely out of care and appreciation, then you have nothing to worry about.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


One response to “How to Thank Your Customers

  1. Good ideas.
    We coordinate a lot of meetings in Europe – clients love to receive Belgian chocolates from our Antwerp office. Also, travel books are a great “thank you” as well.

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