4 Marketing Tips for Event Planners

1.  Look for markets that you can serve where your competitors are not already serving.  Be the first one in that market and own the biggest piece of the pie.  You could also go the opposite route and look for small niches that you can dominate, after all, there is riches in niches.  Perhaps there is a market outside of your home state, or even internationally.  Start exploring.

2.  Upsell your clients.  When your customers are working with you, are you notifying them of unique add on items for which they can use for their event and that also have a nice profit for you as well.  These can be things such as gift bags, photography booths, and more.  The more options you present to your client the better chance you have of making the extra sale.

3.  Are you educating your clients and potential clients?  Most prospects probably think that event and meeting planners are a dime a dozen.  Provide them with lots of informative material where they can learn what sets you apart and also what makes you the expert that they should do business with.  Articles, tip sheets, booklets, and blogs are a great way to accomplish this.

4.  Ask your clients to fill out a short survey after they have done business with you to discover your strengths, weaknesses, and places to change.  The survey is also a great place to ask for a referral, get detailed customer information in order to pursue similar customers, and find out what they thought of the overall experience with your company.  This builds tremendous goodwill and will make your clients into friends and isn’t that what we all want?

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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