Secrets of the World’s Greatest Promoter

Many people think that P.T Barnum is one of the greatest promoters of all time if not THE greatest.  The real question is, what made him such a great promoter and how can you apply his principles.  Whatever he was promoting, whether it was a circus attraction to a museum exhibit, he always went for it with creativity, big ideas, and exciting entertainment. Here are some of the tactics he used.  Use your imagination and think how you can apply the same ideas to your business.

1.  He was one of the first people to paint his wagons that promoted his circus so that wherever it traveled it was constantly promoting his circus.

2.  When one of his attractions would come to town, he would create a novel publicity stunt to make sure he ended up on the front page of the newspapers, such as parading an elephant in the middle of a city.  He would often invite reporters to come and cover it.

3.  He would also put up massive posters on the side of buildings to attract attention.

4.  He often had a bizarre or unique animal, human like a midget or another rare thing for the public to go visit.  The lesson is to display something so remarkable that people can’t help but want to go see it.

5.  Barnum was an amateur magician who often used this skill to get the attention of potential investors, prospects and audiences.

6.  He always had some type of entertainment at his events, from a clown, young singer, dancers and more.  People are more responsive and open to ideas when they are being entertained.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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