A Celebrity for the Wrong Crowd

Many times when companies and organizations are looking for a celebrity speaker, they make the assumption that the celebrity is a great speaker and has a relevant speech to give to the target audience.  You may get a large crowd by having CNN anchor Anderson Cooper at your event, but make sure that he can deliver a speech that will be relevant to the audience that he will be speaking to and also that he has given many speeches before.  Just because someone is a celebrity does not automatically give them talents and abilities beyond a normal person.  Ask the booking agent that you are working with to avoid surprises.  For example, if you are hosting a conference on healthy living, then having Katie Couric speak is not a wise choice unless she can speak about that particular topic.  Be sure to find out what topics the celebrity has spoken about before and then determine if those topics fit into your agenda.  Do your homework and it will pay off.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



2 responses to “A Celebrity for the Wrong Crowd

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  2. Great information. I am sending your link to all of my event planner clients.

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