Keep Up With Your Contacts

Every business has a rolodex of contacts or friends in the business.  I know I keep mine in the form of Outlook.  These days, with layoffs happening at an ever increasing pace, it is imperative to continually update your list by calling or emailing everyone in your list to verify their information and update it if necessary.  It would be waste for you to attend a networking event and make a great contact, and forget to constantly keep in touch with them only to find out months later that the person is no longer at the job you have listed.  Make sure you keep in touch with all your contacts, not just clients.  If you do lose contact with someone, you can utilize the various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Myspace, or Linkedin in order to locate that person and rebuild the relationship.  In this economy, you want to keep every contact that you can.  They are that valuable.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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