Festival Entertainment

No doubt that festivals are going to have to utilize more marketing tools in order to engage the public to attend.  There is always some form of entertainment at festivals.  These can range from strolling acts all the way to a big name celebrity entertainer.  If a festival’s budget is being strained, one way to get more people is to use the majority of the entertainment budget for a big name celebrity.  This may sound a bit ridiculous, but hear me out.  Instead of using your entertainment dollars for a lot of small time acts which may not have much pulling power in terms of audience attendance, you find out your target market and book the appropriate celebrity.  One big name star has much more power than a bunch of smaller acts.  You may even have some funds left over after booking the celebrity in order to book some local talent.  Booking a celebrity can be tough if you have a lot of stage time to fill and need lots of acts.  One creative way to fill the slots is to hold a talent show and select the best acts to come and perform at the festival.  This works for everyone, as the acts gets needed exposure and the festival gets great local acts to fill a time slot.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment Services



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